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What the Future creates breakthrough batch-to-mass manufacturing technologies that enable planet-friendly industrial scale production. 

We reinvent existing processes with breakthrough perspectives, helping manufacturers realize the untapped possibilities of engineering, digital design and 3D technology to minimize production cost, business risk, and environmental impact.

Because making things shouldn’t have to cost the earth. And because we believe the only limit to potential is imagination.

Before we make better things, we need to make things better. 

Zoom in on virtually any product category, and you’ll see: mass manufacturing is in crisis. Tangled in complex supply chains. Crippled by dependence on Asia.

Held back by outdated techniques that are bad for business, and bad for the planet. Zoom out on a global scale, and you’ll see: mass manufacturing is the crisis.

It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we developed 3DTI.


Zoom out on a global scale, and you’ll see: mass manufacturing is the crisis.

By reimagining how we make things, we reduce the cost of everything we produce, own and use. We remake the future — of our products, our industries, and our planet.

Our technology enables cleaner, faster, better production than ever before. Reinventing how things have always been done isn’t always easy. So we provide all the support you need—first to adapt, then to disrupt.

Various new applications are in development but we’re always looking for new ideas and challenges. Do you have a factory, are you looking to produce locally at a large scale, or do you see other opportunities? 


We’re always looking for new challenges. See possibilities? Connect with us.